#Ouch: Former Celeb Couples Who Aired Out Their Relationship Drama on Social Media

Any time a beloved celebrity couple goes through a rough patch, it's something that not only affects them, but all of their fans. No one wants to be forced to choose sides and at the end of the day, you just want everyone to be happy. But sometimes, couples just don't last and they turn to social media to vent. They might tend to forget that there are millions of followers reading their every word, but it's a way to get the truth — or at least their version of the truth — out there once and for all.

Whether a couple confirms their breakup, decides to share some shady tweets or drop some words in an Instagram caption, the world has had a front seat to some rather dramatic moments in these stars' love lives. And we're looking back on the most shocking moments because a trip down memory lane is sometimes just necessary.

Click through the gallery to relive all the drama these former couples spilled on social media and then drop a comment below telling us which of these shocked you the most!