M Recap: Find Out What Went Down In the 'Girl Meets World' Series Finale

Although Girl Meets World ended way too soon, the final episode that aired last Friday truly left us all with a positive farewell. In case our Cancelation Recap and "Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen" Recap didn't give it away, we're pretty obsessed with the show over here at M. That's why we are back with more to share our reactions to the series finale of the show.

The second to last episode titled "Girl Meets Sweet Sixteen" left us all on quite the crazy cliffhanger. Topanga was offered her dream job in London, England – which means the Matthews family would have to decide whether they're picking up and moving across the pond or staying in New York City.

To help her make this big decision, Topanga called in troops (AKA all the Boy Meets World characters we know and love) to help guide her to the right choice. Throughout the episode, Riley and her squad also struggle to wrap their heads around the fact that this could mean goodbye and what they all reveal to each other seriously brought on ALL the feels. Watch the video to get the full play-by-play of what went down:

So Shawn is adopting Maya, Maya finally kisses Farkle on the cheek, Lucas will always a special place in his heart for Riley since she was his first girlfriend, Topanga realizes her café is her bay window and Riley and Maya make it out of one of their friendship's biggest challenges stronger than ever. SOBS. We hope all our fellow GMW-lovers out there take comfort in the fact that we were left with an amazing final episode. And who knows, maybe the show will come back after all. We're truly hoping!


Click through the gallery to see all your fave GMW characters' first and last appearances on the show. Then, drop a comment below sharing your reactions to "Girl Meets Goodbye" and tell us what special lessons you've taken away from the series.