Hang In There, Baby: See How Much The Cast of 'Good Luck Charlie' Has Changed Since The First Season

It's hard to believe that it's been seven years since Good Luck Charlie first premiered. That's right, it was on this day, April 4, back in 2010 that Disney Channel first introduced the world to the entire Duncan family. The series will always be beloved, since the life lessons Teddy would record for her little sister Charlie were seriously #relatable, and between their hilarious family antics to the drama of Teddy and Spencer's love story, the series became an instant classic. Just recently some of the series' stars even admitted they would totally be up for a revival of the show. Leigh-Allyn Baker, who played Amy the matriarch of the Duncan fam, took to Instagram to share a throwback photo of the cast back in January, writing in the caption that she would love to try out a new and improved version of the show on a streaming network, like Netflix.

"I kind of need to laugh given the stress of the world these days. How cool would it be to revamp the Duncans on a channel like @netflix ? If Full House can get fuller, why couldn't Good Luck Charlie get some more good luck?," she wrote.

Jason Dolley, Bradley Steven Perry and even Mia Talerico all agreed with Leigh-Allyn, so who knows, maybe the Duncan family will return sometime soon. For now, we're celebrating the four seasons we did have by taking a trip down memory lane.

Click through the gallery to see how your favorite characters have grown up since the series ended!