And the Tears Stream Down My Face: Harry Styles Totally Admits He Cries More Often Than You Would Think – In a Cool Way, Of Course


If you are as big of a Harry Styles fan as we are over here at M, then you have been literally living for the hilarious segments he has been doing while guest hosting on The Late Late Show with James Corden. All week long, Harry has been having us in stitches while letting out his inner comedian on the late night talk show, and we don't want it to end.

Last night, Harry hopped in the car with host James Corden for a fan-favorite game that the show has become famous for. Yep, that's right. We're talkin' "Carpool Karaoke.". The One Direction boys have taken a spin around town with James in the past, but now Harry had his turn in the front seat – solo, just like his music career.

While going for a ride, Harry got pretty deep and emotional. Not only did he reveal that he often cries whenever he sings his latest hit, but the cutie also spilled that his mother totally weeped the first time he let her listen to his debut solo album.

"It makes me cry, performing it sometimes. I find it quite emotional. In like a cool way," Harry said about his hit song "Sign of the Times."

Aww – us too, Harry. We're not quite sure how one cries in a "cool" way – but if anyone can do it, it's Harry.

Harry doesn't only just cry while singing this particular swoon-worthy tune. In fact, he revealed that he's able to cry on command – you know, now that he's an actor and all. When James asked the "Sweet Creature" crooner if he has a good crying face, Hazza quickly splashed himself with his water bottle in the most hysterical way.

But it wasn't just the fake tears that made his little performance truly priceless. He also dramatically cried out, "I'm really upset!"

Oh Harry, what are we going to do with you? Those weren't the end of the waterworks though. Harry later brought the water bottle tears back for another moment when he and James were reenacting a scene from the romantic comedy Notting Hill. James took Hugh Grant's role, while Harry portrayed Julia Roberts character. Classic.

Watch Harry's entire "Carpool Karaoke" video below.

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