Bop to the Top: 'BUNK'D' Star Kevin Quinn Totally Wants to Be In 'High School Musical 4'


Ever since it was confirmed that High School Musical 4 was officially happening, fans were wondering who would wearing a coveted red tracksuit and become the new Wildcats of East High. As lovely as it would be to see the original cast back in action, that's highly doubtful since you know, they did graduate at the end of High School Musical 3: Senior Year. So would is willing to step up to pate? There are some big shoes to fill and it looks like none other than BUNK'D star Kevin Quinn is totally down.

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During a Twitter Q & A he did with some fans, Kevin was asked which Disney Channel Original Movie he would want to star in and he pretty much confirmed he's down to be in HSM4.

OK, now that actually sounds like a pretty perfect idea. Kevin is a singer and if you follow him on Instagram, you would see he's always posting cover videos where he's singing and playing guitar and his voice is nothing short of amazing. He does give some young Zac Efron vibes too, so he really could possibly be the next Troy Bolton.

Kevin isn't the only Disney Channel star who has voiced an interest in starring in the upcoming DCOM too. Bailee Madison, best known in the DC universe for playing Maxine on Wizards of Waverly Place, once took to Twitter to let her fans know she is all for joining the cast too.

Kevin and Bailee as the new generation of Wildcats? Consider us sold! it is the start of something new after all. There haven't been any updates on HSM4, besides the open audition the network had, so time will tell if any of the already known and loved Disney Channel stars will appear in the musical movie or if it will be all unknowns.

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While tons of people are super pumped about this new installment in the beloved franchise, some are still a bit skeptical, and Kevin's BUNK'D co-star Skai Jackson is one of those people.

She does bring up some valid concerns since it's going to be a bit hard to adjust to HSM without the original cast. But both Ashley Tisdale and Vanessa Hudgens have made it clear they will not be in the new movie, since their time has passed and they're more than happy to see this next chapter in the

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