Gotta Go My Own Way: Is Vanessa Hudgens Going to Have a Role In 'High School Musical 4?'

When Disney Channel announced another installment in the beloved High School Musical franchise would be coming, it's safe to say everyone nearly lost their minds. The long-awaited High School Musical 4 is indeed happening, this time focusing on a whole new class on Wildcats. The original cast are simply legends, and they've all gone on to do some pretty amazing things in the ten years since the first movie aired. So would Zac Efron, Vanessa Hudgens, Ashley Tisdale, Corbin Bleu, or Monique Coleman be reprising their iconic roles?

Vanessa was asked just this and she said that if she did ever come back, she obviously couldn't play a student, although she would totally want to.

"I mean, I'm 28. I could be a teacher, but I refuse to be a teacher! I'm still a teenager at heart," Vanessa confessed to E! Online. "So probably not with me, but I'm excited to see what they whip together."

OK, so she has no plans to make an appearance in the new musical movie, but it looks like she'll be tuning in to see this new chapter. Since Zac and Vanessa dated in real life and played a couple on-screen, it would be interesting to see if Troy would be mentioned at all, if Gabriella was in the movie. They were the ultimate couple of East High after all!

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Ashley was once asked too if Sharpay would be seen roaming the halls again in this new movie, but she too made it clear it's time for the new generation to get their heads in the game.

"No. Looking back, it was such a perfect thing for its time and was so pure that I just don’t know how you go from there," Ashley explained. "High School Musical didn’t make us, we made High School Musical because of our friendship, how close we were, and the magic there at the time. Disney is an amazing company so I’m sure they’ll find some way to do it."

It's safe to say that this graduating class has left their high school days behind them and the upcoming movie will focus on a new crop of characters. There hasn't been any official word on casting or when the movie is planned to be filmed and released, but it was announced that there will be five new Wildcats that will serve as the main focus of the movie:

Erin: She's the only girl on the boys' soccer team, who starts falling for the bad boy.

Derek: The resident bad boy Erin is crushing on who at his core, is a sweet guy after all. He plays soccer too and just so happens to be a fabulous dancer.

Campbell: He's the captain of the soccer team who excels in theater as well and just so happens to be Sharpay and Ryan Evans' cousin. ANOTHER EVANS FAMILY MEMBER. He has a crush on Erin, but as we already know, she has her sights on Derek so we totally sense a love triangle brewing here!

Nathalie: She's a cheerleader and Erin's best friend.

Tamara: She is on the cheer squad too, but she is no longer the star of the school, and this loss of attention and popularity is something she plans on reclaiming, no matter what.

Fans are still patiently waiting to meet the actors who will be bringing this group to life, and V already dished out some solid advice to them.

"Just have fun. We were just kids running around having fun," she said.

Short, sweet, yet oh so meaningful. This movie will for sure be the start of something new.

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