What a Beauty: Harry Styles' "Sign of the Times" Music Video Is Here and It's Nothing Short of Legendary


This is it. The moment everyone has been waiting for. Or at least Harry Styles' fans have been. His first ever solo music video for "Sign of the Times" has landed into our lives and it's truly the dawn of a new era. Here's the breakdown:

At first, it's a bit of an adjustment, only seeing Harry in a music video. While his face is lovely and for nearly six minutes it's the only one in sight so blessings all around, it takes a little while for you to stop waiting for his One Direction bandmates to join him on screen. It then hits you that you're not watching a 1D music video, it's just Harry. And the magic begins.

That hair, the outfit, the oh so serious brooding look he's giving. Sort of regal when you think about it. And there's plenty of wind on hand blowing his dark brown tresses around. Seriously, it's super windy out in this empty field and for a second, you're worried Hazza might just blow away.

But then he suddenly takes flight. That's right, Harry flies. In the air. Far, far away.

Peter Pan vibes, no?

And he doesn't just float above this mountainside, he flies high above some trees that make it looks like he's actually in Forks, Washington filming a new Twilight movie.

He even runs on water because Harry is a magical creature who can do whatever he wants, even defy the laws of physics.

And then he gives a smile that can thaw even the most frozen of hearts.

The video concludes with Harry floating away into a stunning sunset and it kind of just gives you that warm and fuzzy feeling.

This video is truly a work of art but tbh, who really thought it was a good idea to let THE Harry Styles fly around like this? Granted, he had a stunt double help him out who was spotted wearing a rather creepy mask that was supposed to resemble Harry, but he did do some of this flying himself. He's precious cargo so a bit of a risk if we say so ourselves. Perhaps he simply wanted to prove himself wrong, since one time he was asked if he could fly and he sadly sad he couldn't.

Maybe this was in reference to flying an airplane, a practical skill he could easily take some classes and you know, learn how to do. But it appears Harry took this moment very seriously and was then determined to fly, all my himself. No airplane required. And he's done just that, fully spreading his wings and taking off in more ways than one. So bravo, Harry.

Check out Harry's Life Story the full "Sign of the Times" music video below!

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