Woof Woof: Jace Norman Totally Lays a Massive Kiss On His Dog, Proving They're Absolute Soul Mates


What is better than when Jace Norman posts a swoon-worthy pic on Instagram? We'll tell ya what – when Jace Norman posts a swoon-worthy pic with his pup. That's right. The Nickelodeon star is literally head over heels in love with his dog named Henry (after Henry Danger, of course), which is why is latest Instagram pic truly made our hearts burst into a million pieces.

The blonde cutie took to Instagram to share a photo of the buds messing around, and this image is something we literally never knew was missing from our lives. No seriously though, we already knew these guys are the absolute perfect match for more reasons than one, but this honestly takes it up a notch. Just look at the love in their eyes. They can't get enough of each other – and neither can we, to be completely honest.

"This could be us but you playin," the actor's wrote alongside the photo, which shows a shirtless Jace getting puppy kisses from his beloved furry friend Henry.

OUR HEARTS. But wait, does his clever caption have an underlying meaning? Is he talking about a crush with the "this could be us" comment? Could be, or perhaps it's just simply a joke.

Just a few weeks ago, Jace shared a precious pic of he and Henry enjoying a little lunch date together. Talk about inseparable.

A dog is a man's best friend, right? We just can't get enough of these two.

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