Who Knew?: Justin Bieber Is a 'Boy Meets World' Fan Just Like the Rest of Us and It's Truly Glorious


Justin Bieber is a rather buys guy. He's in the midst of a world tour and has been a part of two of the summer's biggest songs so far, but in-between all of this, he still gets bored. That Biebs, just like the rest of us and every now and then when he needs to add a little spice to his life, he decides to let fans into his world a tad bit and films an Instagram Live video.

His most recent video though while short, really was eye-opening and let the world in on a major secret about the singer that well, frankly makes him seem more relatable. Justin was lounging around eating a tub of Neapolitan ice cream and white cheddar popcorn together at the same time. Because what goes better together than sweet ice cream and salty popcorn? We see you JB.

And he was watching none other than Boy Meets World.

Who knew Justin was such a fan of the classic show?!

One of the star's of the series, Will Friedle, happened to see that the "Despacito" crooner was all about broadcasting the fact that he was watching an episode — which happened to be from from season one so he appreciates every era of the series — and took to Twitter to let Justin know that he might possibly return the favor sometime. Maybe.

Eric Matthews and Justin Bieber are having a moment. Two unlikely fandoms colliding. This is all thanks to the magic of social media.

What a time to be alive.