Exclusive: Keke Palmer Opens Up About the Close Friendships She Made Being a Part of 'Grease: Live'


Keke Palmer won star who totally stole the show in Grease: Live, which is available on DVD today, and when we caught up with the actress and singer, she told us all about how walking away from this production with lifelong friendships is something that really matters most to her.

"It was bonding over the course. Anytime you do something like this, it's such an unbelievable time in your life, you just love it and you wake up and you love these people. I can't explain it! It's like, you really get to do something special together," Keke exclusively said to M. "It was really awesome to be a part of it, and I don't think any of us knew what we were getting ourselves into when we said yes to the job. It changed our lives."

"Everybody became a family. We have a group chat going on right now, we talk to each other to catch up and see what everyone is doing. Our lovely Jordan [Fisher] literally just texted us [an hour ago], 'at Center Stage, missing you guys," and that's where we rehearsed for the first time," Keke continued. "We always talk, and like, my music video [just] premiered, and my single, and I texted out to all of them , and they saw a rough cut before it was color-coded and everything. We really became a family, it's really crazy."

How amazing is that? Knowing that this cast really did develop such deep and meaningful friendships with each other just adds a whole new layer when you watch the show again. And they all got a first look at Keke's new video for her single "Enemiez" off her new upcoming album, which is obviously a perk of being friends with the singer! They're all supportive of one another, and that is something special.

Reporting Credit: Kristine Kowalski

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