No Way: Two 'Kickin' It' Co-Stars Have Started a Band Together So Prepare to Become Obsessed


Kickin It' is a beloved Disney XD series that brought the gem that is Leo Howard into many fans' lives so you, forever grateful for that. Since the series wrapped in 2015, Leo has been super busy directing tons, including episodes of your fave Disney Channel series and starring in movies. But now, he's gone ahead and decided to live that rock star life too. Yes, Leo is now in a band and it features a member of his Kickin' It family. Truly a gift.

Leo is now a part of the band Ask Jonesy & Company and right next to him playing guitar and serving as the lead singer is Troy Romzek, who played Kai, Jack's super competitive cousin on the series.

Remember him?

Well it looks like IRL, there is certainly no bad blood between Leo and Troy despite the rocking relationship their characters had on the show. They are full-on jamming out together in the group's music video for their first single "Burning Fire" together. Check it out:

Seriously, is this not the coolest thing? Leo is beyond loyal when it comes to his Kickin' It family. Who could forget when he played the love interest in Olivia Holt's "History" music video, bringing back all the Jack and Kim feels?

And this was all Olivia's idea, which of course Leo said yes to.

"Leo and I have known each other since I was 12, that's when we started the show and we worked on the show for four years together. He's like one of my favorite humans on Earth, seriously such a solid guy and has a really creative mind-set. And we have such awesome on-screen chemistry so part of me felt like when we were casting the role, it was a no-brainer for me," Olivia said in an interview with The Zach Sang Show. "I called my label, I called my team and said, 'Guys, what do we think of Leo?' And they were like, 'Perfect.' He is an incredible actor and I felt could bring so much creativity and visually could help me tell this story. And the fans are gonna die. Our characters on the show played love interests and they're diehard fans and they ship those characters together and then of course they ship us in real life together. But he's one of my favorite people ever and I'm so grateful that he said yes to doing it because he really did help tell this story."

How amazing is that? These former co-stars all have each other's backs forever. Precious.