To Infinity & Beyond: Liam Payne Gets Asked a Super Serious 'Toy Story' Question & Actually Responds With a Very Heartfelt Answer


As any fan of Liam Payne knows, he has a soft spot for all things Disney, especially Toy Story. Remember that time during a One Direction concert when he literally wore a Woody costume and happy danced around? Because what else are you supposed to do dressed as a fictional cowboy if we're being honest here.

A legendary moment. And while Liam stopped by 103.3 AMP Radio in Boston, he was asked a rather intense question that really put his Toy Story loyalties to the test. The "Strip That Down" singer was asked if he had to smash Buzz Lightyear or Woody with a hammer, who would he choose? We know, this is an awful sentence to utter.

But Liam being well Liam, came up with the most perfect response. After he first had to repeat it, for some dramatic effect.

"I would choose Woody because I don't think he'd break, where as Buzz Lightyear would probably smash hardcore. I think he would stay together," Liam said.

And there we have it. Liam took a minute to really think about this choice and in the end, came up with something pretty logical. Once again, he proves just how devoted he is to one of his favorite movies. Precious.