Better In Stereo: Here's How the Series Finale of 'Liv and Maddie' Left Viewers Totally Stunned

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The series finale of Liv and Maddie: Cali Style, appropriately titled End-a-Rooney, has finally arrived and along with bringing plenty of tears as viewers said goodbye to the Rooney family, the series still managed to drop a major plot twist. It looks like there's been one giant secret about the show no one knew about, until now! SPOILER ALERT IF YOU HAVEN'T SEEN THE FINAL EPISODE:

In the finale, the Rooney kids all go their separate ways for the summer, with Liv heading to New York City to star in a Broadway show, Maddie heading to New Orleans to build homes and ultimately give up her basketball dreams to pursue a humanitarian path where she'll be helping others, Joey is going out on a comedy tour and Parker is heading to the bio dome early, which just so happens to be in Bolivia. They're all moving on to exciting new chapters in their lives! But that wasn't even the biggest reveal.

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As any fan of the show knows, there are often times when all the characters will "break the fourth wall," and talk directly into the camera, addressing the viewers. Everyone naturally thought this was just part of the L&M style, but as it turns out, the whole series was actually a reality show. Joey reveals to Dump Truck that when Liv moved back home to Wisconsin four years ago, the family signed on to do a reality show called Bits and Pieces. (FUN FACT: That was actually the original title of Liv and Maddie!) But the show only airs in Luxembourg, in French, so that's why no one really knows about it.

Can we just take a moment?! Apparently there have been cameras following the family around and we've all basically been watching a reality TV show. HOW EPIC. Dove Cameron took to Twitter to let everyone know that even the cast wasn't in on this major plot twist, so it's something the writers of the show have been keeping quiet all this time.

It seriously was a MAJOR moment, but that's not all. One of the people behind the cameras who has been filming the Rooney family all this time was played by Dove's mom, Bonnie Wallace.

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Of course Dove had to give her mom a shout-out on Twitter while she was live-tweeting the finale.

This finale really was filled with tons of twists and turns! It was quite the ride these four seasons and up until the very end, this show managed to still leave us with some surprises. The Rooney family will always have a special place in so many people's hearts.

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