The Future I Can See: Meet the Cast of 'Raven's Home' In This Must-See Trailer

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Everyone’s favorite psychic – Raven Baxter is officially returning to Disney Channel. Although reading tiny hints of what to expect in the highly anticipated Raven’s Home series has definitely built up some serious excitement about what’s to come; what fans have really been asking for is a glimpse into the lives of longtime friends Raven and Chelsea, played by Raven-Symoné and Anneliese van der Pol, who are reprising their beloved roles.

Well, fans have finally gotten what they’ve been asking for because an amazing trailer for the That’s So Raven spinoff has finally dropped. It’s nothing short of epic and those who loved the original series will be relieved to know that a lot of the heart and hilarity that made the show so special and memorable to fans has remained intact.

Although only thirty seconds long, the trailer quickly introduces fans to Raven’s kids, her son Booker – who has inherited his mother’s gift of seeing the future, and her knack of getting into some pretty hilarious trouble because of it, his twin sister Nia, Chelsea’s son Levi, and their neighbor Tess.

From the trailer above, fans can see that Raven hasn’t changed much throughout the years – which is demonstrated by her hilarious tennis skills and her need to use a party popper. Even though fans didn’t get too much of a look at Chelsea, it appears that she hasn’t changed much either given that her son tells her to make good choices. One-thing fans wanted and didn’t get, was a look at Raven’s relationship with her ex-husband Devon Carter, played by Jonathan McDaniel.

Hopefully answers as to what happened between the two high-school sweethearts will be given once the show premieres on July 21st, after Descendants 2 on Disney Channel.

Sounds like it’s going to be one epic night on television, that’s for sure.

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