YAY: A New Musical Drama Series 'The Lodge' Is Coming to Disney Channel

Disney Channel

A new television series, The Lodge, is hitting Disney Channel this fall, and we know fans are going to be beyond stoked about it! It's about 15-year-old Skye (played by Sophie Simnett) who loses her mother and goes to live with her father in North Star Lodge, their family-owned country hotel. In the process of adjusting to her new life, she makes great new friends and attempts to avoid the fake ones. Not to mention, Skye totally has her eye on this cute boy named Sean.

Her love interest is played by Thomas Doherty, who will also star in Descendants 2 as Harry, the son of Captain Hook. The show also stars Luke Newton as Ben, Bethan Wright as Danielle, Jade Alleyne as Kaylee, Jayden Revri as Noah and Joshua Sinclair-Evans as Josh. We were so excited when we heard this news about this show, but we were even more pumped when we found out it's a musical drama! How cool is that?!

The series was originally filmed for Disney Channel UK and Ireland, but then they decided to expand it to the U.S. and Canada too.

“Our creative hub in London delivered an ambitious series that has it all — drama, mystery, singing, dancing and outdoor adventures including kayaking, mountain climbing and biking, all with a talented cast and relevant theme for kids, no matter where they live,” a Disney Channel executive told Variety.

The Lodge premieres on Disney Channels in the U.K. on Friday, September 23 and on Monday, October 17 in the U.S and Canada.


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