This Town: Niall Horan Reveals What He Likes About the U.S. Compared to His Irish Homeland


We think everyone can agree by now that Niall Horan is basically the dreamiest Irish cutie that ever did exist, and his love of his homeland of Ireland is just one of the many things about him that makes our hearts flutter. While catching up with Radio Disney, the "Slow Hands" singer dished on all the things he loves about his country, along with the things he prefers in the United States. Turns out, there are things he likes and dislikes about both.

You may be surprised to find out Niall is all about America when it comes to where he likes to spend his holidays. When asked about which country is better for vacations, he said, "America – because it's just warmer. I grew up in Ireland, where it rains for 365 days a year."

However, the 1D hottie picks Ireland for best desserts, even though he's not much of a sweet tooth kind of guy. Nialler dished, "I don't really have a sweet tooth, to be honest. But definitely our ones. I like meringues and things like Baked Alaska."

As far as weather goes, he chose America. "No doubt about it," he confirmed.

Now it's obvious Niall is quite the fashionisto, which makes us wonder which country he gets his inspo from. Turns out, it's neither Ireland nor the U.S.

"If this was [an option, I'd pick] England – it's not very fashionable in Ireland. I like this of Ireland – these hats. And uh yeah, American fashion I'm not big on. No offense!" he said.

Oh, Niall. He seriously spreads joy everywhere he goes (no matter if it's Ireland or the U.S.), and his latest morning show performance was no different.

The singer's One Direction bandmate Harry Styles rocked the Today show earlier this month, and then it was time for Niall's moment in the spotlight. The blue-eyed beauty put on quite a show, complete with new jams and a fun rendition of 1D's "Best Song Ever." But what really meant the most was his dedication to the victims of the recent Manchester Arena attack.

"Before I start, I would like to dedicate it to the people who lost their lives in Manchester last week. It was a very sad thing, so it's the least I can do is dedicate this song," he said before his performance of "This Town."

What a touching moment. We're glad Niall took a moment to honor those affected. It's kind gestures like these that make us truly appreciate the star for being so genuine and down-to-earth.

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