Perfectly Drawn: Niall Horan Can Legit Turn Into Any Beloved Fictional Character So Add This to His List of Talents


Niall Horan is obviously busy traveling the legit world lately, promoting his solo music and you know, just being his cute Niall self. And while he's been trying out some new looks too — like some wide-brimmed hats instead of his usual tweed newsboy style cap that he simply will never part with — he's whipped out a fresh new pair of glasses. These specs are rather chic if we say ourselves, but they totally looked familiar.

Anyone else get major Harry Potter vibes?

Legit twins in the glasses department.

And this isn't the first time Niall has looked like a fictional character. Remember when he legit dressed up as Prince Charming for a costume party?

Iconic. Oh, and the fact that he could legit pass as Jack Frost from Rise of the Guardians' actual twin?

We can't forget how he and Stitch are basically one in the same when it comes to playing the guitar too.

Plus, there was another case of Niall's glasses channeling another character. His black and tan rimmed round pair paired with his spiffy suit on the red carpet brought out major Milo Thatch from Atlantis: The Lost Empire vibes too.

And then there was the time when he legit became Woody from Toy Story.

So long story short, Niall has the capability to transform into tons of characters from your fave childhood movies. This is not an easy task that just anyone can pull off but somehow, Niall does. It's why he's the greatest.