You Were Never On Your Own: Niall Horan Publicly Supports Louis Tomlinson and Harry Styles, Proving He's the Most Loyal BFF


The guys of One Direction might be enjoying their time away from the band working on their solo material, but that doesn't seem their support for each other has stopped. If anything, it's only gotten stronger and leave it to Mr. Loyalty himself Niall Horan to really prove the 1D guys are brothers for life. Cue the tears.

It all went down when Louis Tomlinson took to Instagram to share an image from a new photo shoot he did, where fun fact beloved member of the 1D fam Lou Teasdale styled his tresses yet again just like old times, and Niall of course had to leave his boy some love. This is why Niall is forever One Direction's biggest fan, tbh.

"Good shot bud . Miss ya," Niall wrote.

Literally so precious. But the support didn't stop there. Harry Styles released another song, "Sweet Creature" from his upcoming debut album and fans snagged this screenshot of Niall leaving Hazza a congratulatory message on H's official Vevo page.

Although we didn't see this comment on the video's page ourselves, we're going to go ahead and believe it's legit because it's something Niall would totally do and it just warms our hearts. Niall is set to drop his second solo single "Slow Hands" on May 4, so the fact that he too is super busy right now and yet still takes the time to let his BFFs know he's proud of their accomplishments proves he is legit a prince among us.

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