Exclusive: Niki Koss Spills Behind-the-Scenes Secrets About the 'Famous in Love' Cast


If you are a fan of Famous In Love as much as we are over here at M, then there is a pretty good chance you have binged the entire first season by now. Whether you already watched all the episodes on Freeform.com over the span of one weekend or you're tuning in live each Tuesday, there is one character that is sure to have had you all heated up from the juicy drama she radiates. Yep – we're talkin' Alexis Glenn, portrayed by the equally as fabulous (yet much nicer) Niki Koss.

We caught up with Niki to chat about all things Famous In Love, and the star let us in on tons of behind-the-scenes secrets from set. From what her cast members like Bella Thorne are like IRL to whether she's Team Jake or Team Rainer, Niki didn't hold back.

Going into the first table read, Niki was definitely nervous to meet everyone. But before she knew it, they all became one big happy family. Seriously though, she knows things about her cast members that no one would ever know. In fact, she discovered a secret obsession of Bella's that makes her even more relatable than before.

"What I didn't know about Bella is how much she loves her snacks, and she loves her cup of noodles. That girl always had a cup of noodles in her hand on that set," Nikki said to M.

And that is why Bella is the best.

So what is the cast dynamic actually like on set? Turns out, what you see on screen isn't too far off from real life – minus all those feuds on the show, of course. It's all love between the Famous In Love squad.

"We’re all really good friends and we hang out all the time and text all the time and we’re super close. And they’re all so humble and just talented, hard-working people. It’s easy to get along with them," she exclusively tells us. "I actually see them offset way more than I do for work stuff – our friendship circles really kind of intertwine a lot of the time. And we see each other out a lot, but we really make an effort to hang out."

As hardworking as the cast is, Niki assures us there was definitely times where they all just totally fooled around.

"I tried to pull a lot of pranks on set that failed miserably," she spills. "I found myself like laying on the floor in the middle of the studio in a fat suit at one point."

If she had to pick, Niki says her castmate Georgie Flores is the most similar to her character. Why, you ask? Just like Cassie, Georgie is a true friend at heart.

"She’s the most mature out of all of us and she really has her act together. She’s just a really great, supportive friend in general, like Cassie," Niki reveals.

As for Niki's character, she didn't have a hard time finding inspiration to play the role. Turns out, Alexis is Niki's alter-ego in a way.

"I knew a bunch of Alexis’s growing up and I actually grew up in LA so it wasn’t hard to kind of pull from reality in that way. But for the most part, I think I’m a lot like her, but I’m just a nicer, less crazy version," Niki tells us.

Despite the fact that Niki's character Alexis is known to be a bit harsh and mean on the outside, Niki says there are some redeeming qualities about her that she hopes viewers learn to appreciate.

"I think she’s very loyal and she’s really funny. People underestimate how funny she is. But she’s the one who says what everybody in the room is always thinking. So she’s always going to make you laugh with her kind of inappropriate comments."

Her favorite Alexis one-liner?

"I really like, 'You naughty little Señorita.'"

We're not the only ones who can't wait for Season 2. Although Niki doesn't know for sure what is in store for the second batch of episodes, she does hope to see Alexis' love life develop into something more honest and real.

"I really would love to see her find someone to be romantically involved with that doesn’t have any vested interest, like she just really genuinely has feelings for. That would be cool, instead of just using everyone."

And of course, we had to ask – does Niki want Paige to end up with her co-star Rainer or her best friend Jake?

"Oh man, that’s so hard. I’m leaning towards team Rainer just because I feel like he could really help her navigate Hollywood, you know? They could do it together," she confesses. "Their dance scene really got me."

Only time will tell! Now brb while we re-watch the entire first season.

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