Recap: Your Burning Questions Were Answered In This Week's Episode of 'Riverdale', But Now You Probably Have About 99 More

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Riverdale fans finally got answers to some of this season's biggest questions in last night's game-changing episode. There's only one more chapter left this season but finally, we all found out who was responsible for the murder of Jason Blossom. And it left everyone in the entire town completely shocked, and everyone watching on their couches too if we're being honest.

Spoiler alert if you haven't seen episode 12 yet: Thanks to Betty's Nancy Drew style sleuthing skills, she finds a flash drive in Jason's varsity jacket and she along with Archie, Veronica, Jughead and Kevin watch the file that's on the drive.

The showed security camera forage of who took Jason's life, and it ended up being his own dad, Clifford Blossom. How crazy is that?!

For most of the episode, Jughead's dad FP was the one everyone thought committed the crime since the weapon used to take Jason's life was found in his home, but our fave squad of besties knew he was being framed. We find out that Clifford visited F.P. in jail and told him to take the blame and confess to killing Jason, or Jughead would suffer the same fate. F.P. just wanted to protect his son, was willing to suffer the consequences of confessing to something he didn't do. Until the gang found that flash drive that had the proof he was innocent.

Now that everyone knows who killed Jason, including Cheryl who Betty called right away, everyone wants to know why Clifford would do this to his own son, who he was grooming to take over the family's maple syrup empire. Well it looks like that's going to be a bit difficult to uncover, since at the episode's end when the police arrived to arrest Clifford, he is no longer alive either. We know, the Blossom family has some serious dark clouds looming over them! Oh and the other legit super shocking moment this episode was Betty's dad Hal informing the Cooper family that they're actually related to the Blossoms.

SHOOK. We have a feeling more jaw dropping secrets about that family are going to be revealed next week too.

In one particularly heartbreaking scene that needs to be mentioned, Jughead at one point calls his mom who is living in Toledo with his sister Jellybean, telling her he bought a bus ticket and wants to come stay with her. She basically tells him she doesn't want him to join the rest of his family out there and seeing Jug fight back tears after being rejected by his own mother was soul crushing.

Poor Jughead doesn't know what's going to happen to his dad now, and although Archie wants it to happen, he can't stay with the Andrews fam forever. Or can he? Let's just hope next week features at least one scene of pure happiness between Jughead and Betty because they could use it. And we need it too because Riverdale is a rather intense place to live and Bughead moments shine a bit of hope and light to an otherwise very dark town. Getting the popcorn ready for that season finale next week.

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