Yikes: Robert Pattinson Admits He Was Actually Almost Fired From 'Twilight'


Yes, Robert Pattinson was almost fired from Twilight before the first movie hit theaters. The statement is shocking but true. The actor who played the role of Edward Cullen in the Twilight saga dropped the bombshell recently in a candid interview. Twihards, prepare to be floored.

Robert chatted with The New York Times and said he was almost fired during the filming of the first movie. Things got so heated that his agents actually had to fly to the set and smooth things over. Rob said, "I didn't have to kiss anybody's [butt] the entire time. I don't think I did, anyway."

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This isn't the first time the actor has admitted to his slightly bad behavior on the Twilight set. In an interview with Yahoo! Movies in 2012 he said he "was fighting with everybody in control all the time...to the point where I almost got fired." Yikes!

Can you even imagine what the world would be like if Rob HAD been fired? Would Twilight have been as successful? Would we have never witnessed the relationship that formed between him and Kristen Stewart? What would the dynamic of the movies have been like? So. Many. Questions.

Thankfully, that didn't happen and it's something of the past now. Rob admitted that he actually looks back on his Twilight era with fondness.

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He said the whole experience was, "an amazing luxury" and "amazing luck, as well, to just have fallen into it with the group of people I worked with on it."

The actor added, "I think one of the best things, basically, about being a bit of a sellout, is if you've done five movies in a series, you've had to accept some responsibility for playing the same character."

Clearly, the beginning of his life as Edward was rocky. But, in the end, Rob truly has immortalized him.

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