Next Chapter: Ross Butler Admits He's Just as Bummed About Leaving 'Riverdale' As You Are


When it was announced that Ross Butler would be exiting Riverdale and his role as Reggie will be recast in season two, fans of the series were obviously bummed, since you get attached to these actors who are bringing the characters you watch each week to life. Ross is saying goodbye to Reggie not because he wants to though, and this is something he just recently spoke about in a new interview with Cosmopolitan, where he confessed he's just as upset about this situation as fans are.

"Yeah, a lot of people have been sad or disappointed," Ross said about the reaction to the update. "I love the show, but it’s just because I have some upcoming projects that hopefully that I’ll be able to share soon."

Ross is committed to other projects that are unknown to us at this time, which is obviously why he couldn't commit to his role on Riverdale anymore, especially since the creator of the series wants Reggie to have a more prominent role. But it's never easy to say goodbye, especially since Ross has become such good friends with his castmates.

"The cast — I love all of them. The rapport that I have with them…that history we built from shooting the pilot until the finale. Yeah, I’m gonna miss being with them," he said.

Ross didn't spill on what these upcoming projects he's working on are specifically, but of course everyone took his departure from The CW show as a sign that the other series he starred in, 13 Reasons Why, is officially coming back for a second season. But according to Ross, he doesn't know if there any truth to these rumors that more episodes are coming.

"I hope they’re true! I honestly don’t know. They haven’t told us anything, but I’m keeping my fingers crossed," he said.