Take a Listen: Ryan McCartan Drops a New Song & It Might Just Be About His Ex Dove Cameron

When Ryan McCartan and Dove Cameron announced they had ended their engagement and broke up, fans were simply left heartbroken. So many people were invested in the Rove love story so when it came to a screeching halt, everyone wanted to know why. Dove and Ryan don't own anyone an explanation tbh, but with the release of Ryan's first solo single, "When You Went Away," there is naturally tons of speculation that this tune was inspired by the end of his relationship with his Liv and Maddie co-star. And after seeing the lyrics, it's kind of obvious to see why.

In the upbeat song, Ryan sings about someone he cares about and thinks the world of leaving him, which ultimately just crushes his soul. In the first verse, Ryan brings up all the things he loves most this girl, who is unaware of the effect she has on him.

"Baby's got a way, she tends to exaggerate

Baby's got a way to make lemons from lemonade

Maybe it's all my fault, I'm the one to blame

But when you say that you can't stay I just go insane

There you go walking down the street not even knowing what you're doing when you do it to me

I said stop, but you turned to leave, not even knowing what you're doing when you do it to me."

This could easily be about anyone, but the line where Ryan sings that maybe it's all his fault kind of brings up the couple's breakup. Ryan was clear that Dove was the one who ended their romance, but perhaps he feels like he caused her to feel this way. The the chorus comes into play, and well, it will kind of just get you right int he heart.

"When you went away it almost killed me, killed me

When you went away it almost killed me, killed me

When you went away it almost killed me, killed me

You went away and almost killed me baby."

OH EM GEE. Now this is just too much to handle if this is really how Ryan felt when things ended for him and Dove. Clearly he was hurt, as anyone is during a breakup, but hearing him belt out these words with such emotion is a bit soul-crushing. The next verse has a bit of a hopeful feel to it, since Ryan says he will always be there and doesn't think this love story is quite over yet,

"Black and white baby, no room to speculate

Who's to say lately mars ain't in retrograde

I'm not going nowhere so please don't take yourself away

Where we go, where we go from here, it's early to be too late."

BRB, sobbing over these lyrics right now. Here's Ryan's full song for your listening:

Let's just take a moment to call out the fact that this song is such a jam, and even if this song is about his past love story, Ryan did an amazing job of turning a heartbreak into a fun song you can really groove to. Rumors are swirling that Dove herself might be working on her own solo music, so it will be interesting to see what type of lyrics she comes up with too.

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