Good to Know: Sabrina Carpenter and Corey Fogelmanis Take Naps During Their Hangout Sessions So Here's Your Fun Fact of the Day


Sabrina Carpenter and Corey Fogelmanis are out here proving the Maya and Farkle bond is forever. Seriously, their friendship IRL will just hit you right in the feels and their latest public BFF statement all has to do with the duo reuniting across the pond for a cuddle session. Be still our hearts.

Corey is currently in London filming a new television and Sabrina has been out on tour all over Europe, so of course these two just had to meet up. Corey took to Instagram to give the world a glimpse into a Corbrina reunion hangout session and it involves a nap.

"us in London," Corey wrote in the caption of the pic.

The friends that nap together clearly last forever. Corey and Sabrina are obviously still as close as ever despite the fact that they'll no longer be Maya and Farkle anymore. These two have been nothing but supportive of each other's endeavors since they've wrapped the show. Corey visited Sabrina when she was out on her EVOLution Tour and even learned some of her choreography, while Sabrina stopped by the set of TV movie Corey filmed, #SquadGoals. GMW might be over for good, but the bonds the cast has made with each other will last a lifetime.

But after seeing this pic of the besties getting cozy together, we can't help but think about that dog Corey met not too long ago who totally stole his heart. He did say she was his soulmate and all that, so wonder what she's up to since she's missing out on this magic moment. Life's big mysteries.