Oops: Sabrina Carpenter Didn't Mean to Swear In Her Song With The Vamps But She Did, So Here We Are


Sabrina Carpenter had the time of her life out on tour with The Vamps traveling throughout Europe and while she was hanging out with Bradley Simpson, James McVey, Connor Ball and Tristan Evans, she collaborated with the boys, singing on DJ Mike Perry's track "Hands" together.

When the tune was first released fans were totally digging this new vibe, since it's more of a ready-to-hit-the-dancefloor song, which is a little bit different from what the starlet has done before. But what left everyone rather well, shook was the fact that the song is labeled "explicit" since Sabs sings the lyric, "So leave your s--- at the door." We know, scandalous Brina, right?

Actually, not really. The Girl Meets World alum spoke to tmrw magazine and shared where exactly that lyric came from. As it turns out, it's all the result of a slip-up on Sabrina's part. Yes, she was a victim of misunderstood lyrics. Sabrina said that no one sent her the lyrics to her verse, and she was fully confident in her memory, since she had heard the demo version of the song before. But it was James who told her she actually sang the words incorrectly and he didn't inform her of this error until the day the song came out.

"[He said,] 'you know, the lyric is 'leave your shirt at the door?'. I was like, 'why would it be leave your shirt at the door?' And he was like, 'well in the first verse it goes, 'drop that dress to the floor,' so she would say 'leave your shirt at the door,''" Sabrina explained. "My mind was just like in a total map! I was like why would you wait until the day that the song comes out to tell me? I keep laughing now about it, I'll never hear it the same way."

So basically the swear word was all on accident and was just a honest mistake on Sabrina's part. Hey, it happens to the best of us so we feel you Sabrina. An epic fail indeed.