Belt It Out: Sabrina Carpenter Proves Herself to Be a Huge Harry Styles Fan With This Flawless "Sign of the Times" Cover


We all know Sabrina Carpenter has a voice like no other, yet she is always managing to take our breath away time and time again. Seriously, it's like we can never be prepared enough for what she's about to hit us with – and this time, it's her Harry Styles cover that is blowing our minds.

The Girl Meets World actress paired up with singer Jasmine Thompson to create a truly flawless rendition of "Sign of the Times", and anyone who hears it will agree that it is truly a blessing to your ears.

Turns out, Sab appears to be a One Direction fan since way back in 2014 when she tweeted about using a toothbrush that played 1D tunes.

'@peytonmeyer9 cut the bristles off my tooth brush so I'm forced to use a one direction tooth tunes," she tweeted, shouting out her GMA co-star Peyton Meyer.

LOL, let us all just take a moment and imagine that. Too funny! But really, where did that 1D toothbrush come from? Did Peyton get it for her? Did the Girl Meets World crew just have it as a spare for when someone needed it? We're simply left with a ton of unanswered questions now.

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