Ahoy Mateys: See the Fierce First Look at the New Villain Kids In 'Descendants 2'

Disney Channel

It's official: Descendants 2 is going to be even bigger and badder than the first movie, which was proven by an all new teaser trailer. That's right, we officially have a compete first look at Uma, Harry and Gil in action.

"It’s a pirate's life! @ChinaMcClain, @dylanplayfair & @thomasadoherty ride the tide as Uma, Gil & Harry Hook in #Descendants2 this summer," the official Disney Channel PR Twitter account shared along with the epic video.

OK NOW, let's take a moment to appreciate the fierce queen that is China McClain. Not only does she looks beyond fabulous with her teal braids, but she sounds so cool singing her version of "Poor Unfortunate Souls." Her character Uma is Ursula's daughter, so it only makes sense she took on this classic song in the movie. China is making her fictional movie mom super proud right now.

Last time around, everyone got to see the core four Villain Kids, Mal, Evie, Carlos and Jay, along with Prince Ben too, tapping into their inner dark sides again, swinging around swords and showing off some fierce fight moves in another first look at the upcoming movie. But this new batch of villains are for sure going to raise some chaos.

Thomas Doherty — who is currently spending tons of time with Dove Cameron in London — and Dylan Playfair bring all the intensity to their characters too. Although this teaser really lets China shine — it's kind of hard to not because she's just that fabulous — the guys get their moments too, and they're already showing exactly why they're the perfect additions to the Descendants world. These three actors, along with other members of the pirate squad, all got matching anchor tattoos IRL once they wrapped filming, so clearly they bonded off-screen and you can already see the cool chemistry between them on-screen too. IS IT SUMMER YET?!

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