When There Was Me & You: Vanessa Hudgens Admits She Doesn't Speak to Zac Efron Anymore


Once upon a time — the year was 2005 to be exact — Vanessa Hudgens and Zac Efron filmed a little movie called High School Musical, where they played the star-crossed duo Gabriella and Troy. To this day, they're still everyone's fave Disney Channel on-screen couple, and IRL, Zac and V dated for five years.

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But unlike Troy and Gabriella, who proved true love trumps everything from cliques attempting to tear you apart to the pressure of maintain your high school romance in college, Zanessa called it quits back in 2010. They have each since gone their separate ways, both dating different people since then, pretty much squashing any hopes they would ever get back together. In a new interview with Access Hollywood Live though, Vanessa was asked about her friendships with her HSM co-stars and while she gushed over the fact that the OG Wildcats are still friends, saying she had just texted BFF Ashley Tisdale the day before, but when she was asked if she still talks to Zac and sings karaoke with him like their characters did in the first movie, things got a bit awkward.

"Oh yeah no, that's not a thing that happens. No, I completely lost contact with him," she said.

Yikes! So it's safe to say they are never ever getting back together, right? Here's the clip of the convo too, just to see it for yourselves:

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So while the rest of the cast has all managed to main their friendships, Zac and Vanessa clearly no longer speak to each other. Although they'll always be connected because of these movies, it makes total sense that they aren't actually friends anymore. It's kind of hard to just hang out with your ex you dated for so many years just like that, especially since Vanessa has been happily dating Austin Butler since 2011. There's a lot of history there!

As for Zac, he is ready to settle down and find his one true love sometime soon.

"I didn’t think much about settling down until recently. Now that I’m getting closer to my 30s, I’m around some great relationships and I’ve seen expert couples at work. I’m realizing that you have to find your own happiness before you can make somebody else happy," Zac said to Cosmopolitan.

Well, at least we all have three HSM movies to look back on and get a dose of true love from, because you know Troy and Gabriella will be together until the end of time. You can bet on it.

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This post was originally published March 24, 2017 and has since be updated with new information.*