BRB, Swooning: Zac Efron Pretty Much Admits His Disney Roots Will Always Be a Part of Him & It's Actually the Sweetest


Zac Efron might be known for starring in tons of action-packed comedies like Baywatch, but for many, he be will always be beloved for a few very specific roles that spear-headed the early days of his career. That's right, we're taking it back to his Disney Channel days starring as the basketball player who had a dream to sing and a major crush for the smart girl who simply wanted to break free with him too. Zac's role as Troy Bolton in the High School Musical movies was nothing short of iconic, if we do say so ourselves.

And while he went on to only star in another movie-musical, Hairspray, everyone has been wondering since if Zac would indeed one day return to the genre that fans simply love to see him in.That voice, the dance moves, we remember it all too well. In a recent Twitter Q & A he took part in with some fans, he revealed that his role in Baywatch has actually inspired him to get back to his musical roots.

He's down to do another one and bust out those song and dance skills, which he will be doing in his upcoming flick The Greatest Showman On Earth, along with Zendaya, so we won't have to wait too long to see Z up on the big screen belting tunes out again. And as for his favorite movie of all time? Well, Zac admitted it's a classic that has a Disney connection it.

If you've ever seen Hook, then you'll know that it's a re-telling of course of Peter Pan, so as it turns out, Zac will forever and always embrace his roots. Allow that to warm your heart right up.