M Magazine - Sitemap - 2013 - May - Page 1

Sitemap 2013 May - Page 1

  1. Demi Lovato Gets Distracted By Simon Cowell's Chest Hair!
  2. Selena Gomez Has Amazing Friendship Advice!
  3. Megan & Liz Reveal How Music Brought Them Together And How They Deal When They Fight!
  4. Love "A.N.T. Farm?" See Photos From Tonight's Premiere!
  5. Sophia Grace Brownlee Releases Her First Music Video!
  6. Austin Mahone Loves Japanese Girls!
  7. Fifth Harmony Go Indoor Skydiving!
  8. One Direction Join Office Depot's Anti-Bullying Campaign!
  9. Demi Lovato & Selena Gomez Grew Apart--But They're Back To Besties Now!
  10. Liam Payne Loves His Mum Even More Than He Loves Batman!
  11. Taylor Swift Frolics In The Grass!
  12. Justin Bieber's Guide To Dealing With Gossip!
  13. One Direction Are Lovers, But They're Fighters Too!
  14. Happy Birthday Jazmyn Bieber! See Justin Bieber's Cutest Pics With His Little Sis!
  15. Emma Watson Explains How To Express Yourself!
  16. Logan Henderson of Big Time Rush Is Back On His Bike!
  17. Liam Payne Was In Pain From Skateboarding!
  18. Ed Sheeran Gives Spelling Lessons & Says He Doesn't Fit In!
  19. One Direction's Favorite Foods Revealed!
  20. Emblem3's "Chloe" Isn't the Only Cute Girl With Glasses!
  21. Vanessa Hudgens Gets "Clueless!"
  22. Taylor Swift, Ed Sheeran & Friends Hit Up Rhode Island!
  23. Ariana Grande & Mac Miller Cozy Up In Ellen's Photo Booth!
  24. Disney Stars Are Catching Flies!
  25. Zendaya Gets a Warm Welcome Home!
  26. Liam Payne Was Besties With The Tooth Fairy!
  27. Zendaya Says Demi Lovato Is Like Her Big Sis!
  28. Angie Miller & Janelle Arthur Meet Disney Princesses!
  29. Taylor Swift Has Dance Parties With Ed Sheeran & Selena Gomez!
  30. How Did Your Fave Celebs Celebrate Memorial Day Weekend?!
  31. 6 Photos of Celebrities Clowning Around
  32. Which Summer Concert Is Calling Your Name?
  33. Meet the Singing Teen Hero Who Inspired Ed Sheeran
  34. 10 Adorable Instagram Pics of Bella Thorne's Dog Kingston
  35. Dip Dyed Rope Bracelets
  36. Ariana Grande and Winnie the Pooh
  37. PHOTO: Zendaya With Her New Family
  38. Perrie Edwards Says Zayn Malik Is Always a Gentleman
  39. Photo Frame for Your Graduating BFF
  40. Demi Lovato's Advice to Ariana Grande and Fifth Harmony
  41. Zendaya: "I Can Handle Anything Now!"
  42. Guess Which One Direction Guy Is a Neat Freak?
  43. Kylie Jenner's Awesome Relationship Advice
  44. Spider-Man Playing Basketball With Some Kids
  45. Niall Horan's Dad: Fame Hasn't Changed Him a Bit!
  46. The Cat Beard
  47. How Zendaya and Bella Show Support for Each Other
  48. LOL: Zayn Malik's Adorable Drawing of Harry Styles
  49. Cody Simpson on Who Alli Should Date
  50. Bizarre Science Experiments to Do at Home
  51. ADVICE: Taylor Swift on the Key to Self-Confidence
  52. Demi Lovato on Her Post-Breakup Friendship With Joe Jonas
  53. DIY: Turn an Old Photo Album into an Art Kit
  54. Hilarious Talking Parakeet Has A Lot to Say
  55. Nicki Minaj on Staying Positive
  56. Emma Watson Is in No Rush to Grow Up
  57. Bella Thorne on the Importance of Family
  58. Guess What Happens When You Invite Victoria Justice to Prom?
  59. Demi Lovato on Her Friendship with Selena Gomez
  60. Demi Lovato on Her Friendship with Selena Gomez
  61. Carly Rae Jepsen on Justin Bieber's Negative Press
  62. Taylor Swift Reveals Her Best Moment of the Year
  63. What Do You Think of Merida's 'Brave' Makeover?
  64. Guessing Game: What's in Selena Gomez's Dressing Room?
  65. Cody Simpson on Writing Songs for Girls
  66. Zendaya Is Working on a Book!
  67. Demi Lovato Is a Pillow Thief!
  68. Emma Roberts Adopted a Puppy!
  69. One Direction-Themed Mother's Day Cards
  70. Stars' Odes to Their Moms
  71. What Do You Think Of Our June Cover?
  72. Guess What Terrifies Ed Sheeran?
  73. The Cutest Kitten We Have Ever Seen
  74. Darren Criss Invites a Student to the VMAs
  75. Chloƫ Grace Moretz on the Importance of Being Nice in Hollywood
  76. Baby Duck Can't Stay Awake
  77. Selena Gomez Talks About Her Friendship With Taylor Swift
  78. Ariana Grande on One of the Best Moments of Her Life
  79. Demi Lovato's Clumsy Confession
  80. Cody Simpson and His Favorite Hobby
  81. Austin Mahone Describes His Perfect Girl
  82. Hilarious Photos of Celebrities With Bobbleheads
  83. Emma Watson on the Key to Achieving Your Goals
  84. Your Favorite Disney Characters as College Students
  85. Ed Sheeran on Dating
  86. Who Is Your Celebrity Dream Date?
  87. Demi Lovato on the Importance of Non-Celebrity Friends
  88. Ariana Grande Is a Sloth
  89. Bella Thorne, Mindless Behavior, and R5 on Being Picked Last in Sports
  90. Your Favorite Celebrities as Kids
  91. Cody Simpson on Bullying
  92. Zendaya's Best Moves on 'Dancing with the Stars'
  93. The Most Sensitive Member of One Direction
  94. Poll: Which Disney Family Is Your Favorite?