M Magazine - Sitemap - 2014 - February - Page 1

Sitemap 2014 February - Page 1

  1. 20 Stars Who Fight Back Against Bullies
  2. Ashley Argota Loves Olaf from 'Frozen'!
  3. Enter to Win a One Direction Prize Pack in Our New April Issue!
  4. Jennette McCurdy Cuddles With an Adorable Teddy Bear
  5. Have You Seen the New Lyric Video for Laura Marano's 'Austin & Ally' Song?
  6. Victoria Justice Has an Adorable Mom Moment!
  7. 16 Stars You Had No Idea Voiced Your Favorite Animated Characters
  8. Amazing Throwback Pics of Your Favorite Stars on Stage
  9. Ellington Ratliff Poses With an R5 Poster!
  10. 10 of Your Favorite Stars' Nerdiest Confessions EVER!
  11. 10 Reactions You Have When Your Celeb Crush Dates Someone New
  12. 10 Amazing Treats Made Out of Your Favorite Cereals
  13. Becky G Looks Hilarious in This Silly Selfie!
  14. Celebs Who Totally Look Just Like Disney Princesses
  15. Ariel & Nolan From 'Modern Family' Go Scuba Diving!
  16. George Shelley Takes Adorable Selfie While Drinking a Smoothie
  17. Find Out Why We're Proud of Bella Thorne!
  18. 15 Birthday Party Ideas Perfect For Our Fave Celebs
  19. Olivia Holt Hangs Out With Donald Duck at Disney!
  20. 10 Things Taylor Swift Makes More Fun
  21. Justin Bieber Looks Like He's Monkeying Around
  22. This 2-Week-Old Kitten Wiggles Her Eyes When She Eats!
  23. What Your Favorite Snack Says About You
  24. Did Olivia Holt Get Into a Shaving Cream Fight?!
  25. 10 Things Only Simpsonizers Will Understand
  26. 15 of Your Favorite Stars Wearing Tiaras and Looking Like Princesses
  27. Drew Chadwick Photobombs His Bandmate Keaton Stromberg
  28. Bailee Madison and Peyton List Look So Happy to Be Reunited!
  29. Jade Thirlwall Riding a Baby Bicycle Is the Funniest Video Ever!
  30. Sammi Hanratty Cuddles With Tuna the Dog
  31. Lorde and Taylor Take a Besties' Trip to the Beach!
  32. 20 Celebs You Won't Believe Are the Same Age!
  33. 10 Super Fun Ways to Beat Winter Boredom
  34. Vote for the Silliest Instagram of the Week!
  35. The 15 Cutest Guys on Your Fave TV Shows!
  36. Can You Guess the Celeb Snuggling With Their Stuffed Animal?
  37. Fifth Harmony Has a 'Me and My Girls' Night!
  38. Why Is AnnaSophia Robb Hanging Out With an Elephant?
  39. We Caught Bridgit Mendler Kissing a Pig!
  40. Kendall Schmidt Has a Dance Party with Adorable Kids!
  41. Can You Match the TV Pet to Their Show?
  42. 15 Stars Who Were Super Sassy Little Kids
  43. Check Out Your Fave Couples' Adorable Baby Pics!
  44. Louis Tomlinson Says Forget the Cup of Tea... He'll Take the Whole Pot!
  45. What's Your Celebrity Name?
  46. Which One Direction Star Is Hiding Behind the Plaid Shirt?
  47. 10 Hilarious Times Stars Flubbed Their Lines While Filming
  48. Selena Gomez Proves She's Adorable in Laughing Selfie
  49. This Amazing Version of 'Let It Go' Is a Must-Watch!
  50. 'Modern Family' Cast Bonds By Taking a Trip to the Aquarium
  51. 10 Super Cool Facts You Didn't Know About Victoria Justice
  52. 10 Cute Guys Paired Up With Your Fave Disney Princesses
  53. 10 Reasons We Already Miss 'Good Luck Charlie'
  54. This Pic of Ed Sheeran and His Kitty Graham Will Melt Your Heart
  55. Which 1D Member Does the Body Part Belong To?
  56. Check Out These Hilarious Outtakes from 'The Lego Movie'
  57. Laura Marano & Kat McNamara Are Selfie Partners in Crime!
  58. 10 Songs That Will Give You the Confidence to Talk to Your Crush!
  59. 10 More Mindblowing Messages Hidden in Your Favorite Disney Movies!
  60. 10 Reasons We Can't Forget About Ross Lynch
  61. Find Out What These Celebs Really Think About Their BFFs!
  62. Vote for the Silliest Instagram of the Week!
  63. Enter to Win These Adorable Mickey and Minnie Mouse Accessories!
  64. Happy Valentine's Day from Cimorelli!
  65. 10 Adorable GIFs of Your Fave Stars Looking in Love
  66. Which Disney Princesses Would Be Best Friends?
  67. Fifth Harmony Has a Valentine's Day Message For You!
  68. Rosie Gets Ready for Valentine's Day!
  69. 10 Cute Guys We Wish Would Be Our Valentines
  70. Which 1D Guy Is Your Perfect Valentine? Find Out In QuizFest!
  71. Jade Thirlwall Has Some Much Fun Going Through Fan Mail!
  72. Which Disney Princess Was the Cutest Baby?
  73. Liz from 'Megan & Liz' Is a Total Cat Person!
  74. Which Pixar Short Movie Is the Cutest?
  75. Check Out Your Fave Couples' Cutest Throwback Moments
  76. This Adorable Penguin Will Follow You Wherever You Go
  77. Which Disney Prince Would Make the Best Boyfriend?
  78. Are Dove Cameron & Ryan McCartan the Cutest Couple Ever?
  79. 10 Reasons Why We Totally Love Figure Skater Gracie Gold
  80. Laura Marano & Kat McNamara Bond While Filming Their New Movie!
  81. What Does Your Favorite Candy Say About Your Personality?
  82. Which Band Member Is Taller Than the Other?
  83. 10 GIFs That Prove Princess Anna From 'Frozen' Is Just Like You!
  84. Austin Mahone Looks So Sleepy in This Instagram Selfie!
  85. 14 Super Cute Valentine's Day Cards You Can Print For Free!
  86. Check Out How Excited Bella Thorne Is for a Slice of Pizza!
  87. Meet the Happiest Little Animal Ever!
  88. 10 Disney Channel Couples That Would Be Perfect Together
  89. Check Out This Adorable Valentine's Day Nail Art Tutorial By G Hannelius!
  90. Beat Winter Boredom with the New Issue of 'M'!
  91. Watch This HIlarious Vid of Little Mix Slow Motion Running
  92. What Would the Boys of One Direction Look Like As Legos?
  93. 10 Ways Disney Princesses Spend Their Valentine's Day
  94. 5 Valentine's Day Cards Austin Moon Should TOTALLY Give Ally Dawson
  95. 10 Reasons Aladdin Would Make the Best Boyfriend Ever
  96. Watch This Hilarious Vid of Taylor Swift Trying to Get Comfy!
  97. Can You Guess the Celeb Animal Lover?
  98. Can You Make a Face Sillier Than Becky G's?
  99. Sarah Hyland Goes to See 'Frozen,' the Sing-Along!
  100. 10 Stars Who Are All About Girl Power
  101. 7 Yummy, No-Bake Snacks You Can Make for Your Valentine!
  102. 10 of the Most Disastrous TV Dates of All Time!
  103. Bailee Madison Puts Up the Heart Sign at the Beach!
  104. Do You Think Austin Mahone Needs a Haircut?
  105. Check Out AnnaSophia's Super Silly Selfie!
  106. Your Fave Celebs Holding and Playing With Babies!
  107. Which Musical Group Would Be Your BFFs?
  108. Watch Your Fave Stars' First On-Screen Kisses!
  109. Which Little Mix Girl Is Making the Silliest Face?
  110. Lucy Hale Posts Adorable Selfie With Her Unicorn Pillow Pet!
  111. How Well Do You Know the Songs From 'Frozen'?
  112. Big Time Rush Meets Fifth Harmony!
  113. What Game Does Austin North Like Playing With His 'IDDI' Cast?
  114. Alli Simpson Wishes Her Little Bro a Happy Birthday!
  115. 10 Delicious Treats You Can Make for Valentine's Day
  116. 12 Amazing Rainbow Loom Charms That You Can Totally Make Yourself!
  117. Watch This Super Cute Vid of a Mouse Being Adorable
  118. Can You Match the House to the TV Family?
  119. Julianne Hough Plays With Her Hair Extensions!
  120. Watch the Boys of Midnight Red Reveal Their Fave Disney Princesses!
  121. Watch This Adorable Polar Bear Discover Snow for the First Time!
  122. What's Your Disney Character Horoscope?
  123. Watch This Kitty Cat Rock the Puppy Bowl Halftime!
  124. 20 GIFs That Prove Harry Styles Will Always Be a Kid at Heart