M Magazine - Sitemap - 2014 - April - Page 1

Sitemap 2014 April - Page 1

  1. Laura Marano Takes the $1.50-Per-Day Food Challenge
  2. How Cute Is This 'Frozen' Fan Art?
  3. 10 Totally Sweet Secrets About Your New Fave Girl Group
  4. Wesley Stromberg Shows ALL His Emotions in New Instagram Vid
  5. Did Liam Payne Steal Harry's Hat So He Could Take a Selfie?
  6. 15 Adorable Pics of Darcy, the Cutest Hedgehog You've Ever Seen
  7. Stefanie Scott Shows Off Her Backbend!
  8. Bella Thorne Posts Adorable Bonding Vid with Her Family
  9. You Have to See This Tiny Hamster Eat a Tiny Burrito
  10. Your Fave Stars Reveal Their Dream Power Couple!
  11. Austin Mahone Reveals Reveals How He'll Be Spending His Summer
  12. Find Out What Your Favorite Pizza Topping Says About You
  13. Ryan McCartan Shares Adorable New Pic of Him and Dove Cameron!
  14. Big Time Rush Takes a Selfie at 'DWTS' and Supports James Maslow!
  15. Us the Duo Shares a Cute Moment While Sharing a Smoothie!
  16. See Olivia Holt and Spencer Boldman Hanging at the Beach!
  17. This GIF of Ross Lynch and Laura Marano Hugging at the RDMAs Is Everything!
  18. 10 Totally Appropriate Reactions to the 'Teen Beach Movie' Sequel!
  19. Did You Check Out the New Trailer for Zendaya's Disney Movie 'Zapped'?
  20. 12 Reasons Why Kristoff Is Secretly the Dreamiest Disney Guy Ever
  21. Are You Ready for the Cutest Game of Whack-a-Mole Ever?
  22. Did Victoria Justice Get Caught Picking Her Nose?!
  23. Did Kendall Jenner Get a Pet Monkey?!
  24. Did Austin Mahone and Camila Cabello Go on a Date?!
  25. 16 Hilarious Photobooth Selfies from the Radio Disney Music Awards
  26. Which Celeb Has the Silliest Instagram Pic of the Week?
  27. 15 Super Creative Ways You Can Eat Pretzels!
  28. 20 Sweet Treats That Will Blow Your Mind
  29. Is This the Cutest Cat Video You've Ever Seen?
  30. Guess Your Favorite Celebs From Behind!
  31. Meet Zayn Malik's Kitty Twin!
  32. Throw a 'Frozen' Themed Party Fit for an Ice Queen
  33. Cimorelli Does a Cool Hair Bow Tutorial!
  34. 14 Times Your Favorite Celeb Couples Were the Cutest Ever
  35. Which 1D Star Does This Suitcase Belong To?
  36. Surprising Pics of Your Favorite Nickelodeon Stars as Kids
  37. Carly Rae Jepsen Becomes a Walrus!
  38. Ryan Seacrest Smashes R5's Guitar!
  39. 10 Crazy Things You Never Knew About R5
  40. 10 Things Disney Lovers Need to Own ASAP!
  41. Disney Princesses With Disney Villains' Faces Is Completely Hilarious
  42. Fifth Harmony Reveals Who Would Be in Their Dream Boy Band!
  43. Bridgit Mendler Has a Mother-Daughter Date With Mama Mendler!
  44. Gregg Sulkin Posed for a Selfie... With a Cow?
  45. Which Super Creative DIY Project Are You?
  46. Austin Mahone Wears a Superman Cape on Instagram!
  47. Debby Ryan's New Insta Pic Will Have You Rolling on the Floor Laughing!
  48. The 'Awkward.' Cast Takes a Silly Selfie
  49. Which Song Does Jake Miller Want to Dance to at Prom?
  50. 10 Crazy Jellybean Flavors You Never Knew Existed!
  51. Check Out Cimorelli's Latest Silly Selfie!
  52. Raini Rodriguez and David Henrie Bond on the Set of a Movie!
  53. What If Karan Brar and Cameron Boyce Were News Reporters?
  54. The Cutest Earth Day Pics You've Ever Seen!
  55. See What the Disney Princesses Looked Like as Kids!
  56. Does Carly Rae Jepsen Write Lyrics on Random Objects?
  57. Match the Prop to the TV Show!
  58. Ryan McCartan Posts Adorable Pic of Girlfriend, Dove Cameron!
  59. 15 Super Colorful Spring Manis You Have to Try Right Now
  60. Rocky Lynch Takes Hilarious Selfie at the White House!
  61. Kira Kosarin Smooches Her Adorable Pup, Kozmo!
  62. 15 Ways Your Favorite Stars Celebrated Easter!
  63. Sarah Hyland's Dog Looks Super Sleepy!
  64. 6 Amazing Things You Need to Check Out This Easter!
  65. Which Celeb Do YOU Think Has the Silliest Instagram of the Week?
  66. Kendall Jenner Hangs Out With Jaden Smith!
  67. The 'Austin & Ally' Cast Shares a Smoothie
  68. Kira Kosarin Shows Off Her Superhero Powers!
  69. 10 Crazy Facts You Never Knew About 'Sonny With a Chance'
  70. Join Pixar's Easter Egg Hunt for Hidden Messages in Disney Movies!
  71. Get Inspired by Easter Nail Art Designs and Crafts in M's May Issue!
  72. Olivia Holt Dishes on Disneynature's New Movie 'Bears'!
  73. 10 Disney Channel Couples We'd Love to See Get Married One Day
  74. Olivia Holt Kisses Pluto at Disneyland!
  75. Surprising Pics of Your Fave Disney Channel Stars As Kids
  76. Why is Austin Mahone So Shocked?!
  77. Demi Lovato Poses for Cute Selfie With Ryan Seacrest!
  78. 12 Totally Creative Ways to Eat Peeps This Easter!
  79. Can You Guess the Celeb Wearing Sunglasses?
  80. Can You Guess These Celebs' Favorite Books?
  81. What Makes Alli Simpson Happy?
  82. Calum Worthy Sticks Out His Tongue in New Selfie!
  83. Carly Rae Shares Pic From Her 'Cinderella' Dressing Room
  84. 5 Super Cute Easter Baskets You Can Make For Your Friends!
  85. Zayn Malik & Louis Tomlinson Look ADORABLE Outside the Studio
  86. Hang Out With Some of Your Favorite Stars (and the Minions) at Universal Studios!
  87. Can You Caption These Hilariously Awkward Photos of Your Favorite Celebs?
  88. 20 Celebs We Wish Would Play Jasmine and Aladdin on Broadway
  89. Every Dress That Every Disney Princess Has Ever Worn!
  90. The Cutest Easter Pics You've Ever Seen!
  91. Camila Cabello Practices Playing the Guitar!
  92. Emblem3 Posts a New Selfie!
  93. Did Carlos Pena and Alexa Vega Get a New Kitten?
  94. Shay Mitchell & Ashley Benson Have a Girls' Day!
  95. DIY Your Own Marshmallow Peeps for Easter!
  96. The Cast of 'Jessie' Hangs With Winnie the Pooh at Disneyland!
  97. 9 Celebs Reveal What They Really Think of Their Best Friends
  98. Gracie Gold Invites Taylor Swift to Ice Skating Event!
  99. 20 Super Cute Spring Manicures Perfect for Easter!
  100. Bella Thorne & Zendaya Reunite at the MTV Movie Awards!
  101. Grumpy Cat Totally Stole the Show at the MTV Movie Awards!
  102. Stars Who Are Completely Obsessed with the Minions from 'Despicable Me'
  103. Your Fave Stars Reveal the TV Shows They Loved as Kids
  104. Which Celeb Has the Silliest Instagram Pic of the Week?
  105. The Hidden Meanings Behind Your Favorite Bands' Names
  106. Laura Marano, G Hannelius, Peyton List & More Disney Stars Reveal What They Look For in a Friend!
  107. Check Out This Amazing Disney Manicure by Shay Mitchell's Nail Artist!
  108. Check Out Jade Thirlwall's Hilarious Kissy Face!
  109. 10 Facts About 'Wizards of Waverly Place' That Will Shock You
  110. Could Camila Cabello BE Any Cuter?
  111. Little Mix Posts a New Group Selfie!
  112. Watch This Video of Wesley Stromberg Adorably Feeding a Baby
  113. Which Celeb Siblings Are You and Your Sib?
  114. Celebrate National Siblings Day With 15 Adorable Sibling Selfies!
  115. MKTO Reveals What Makes a Girl 'Classic'!
  116. See the Cutest Pics of Your Fave Celeb Siblings When They Were Kids!
  117. Keaton Stromberg Posts Super Cute New Selfie
  118. Which Celeb Is Buried Under a Pile of Socks?
  119. 10 Pics That Prove Cody & Alli Simpson Are the Cutest Siblings Ever
  120. JJ Hamblett Gets His Hair Done!
  121. Demi Lovato Dyed Her Hair Again!
  122. Taylor Swift & Gracie Gold Have a Baking Party!
  123. MKTO Is Shooting a New Music Video!
  124. 12 Pics of the Coolest Disney-Themed Easter Eggs We've Ever Seen
  125. Francesca Capaldi & Skai Jackson Hang Out!
  126. Can You Match the Celeb to Their Twitter Bio?
  127. It Looks Like Alexa Vega Is Totally Ready for Summer!
  128. Shay Mitchell Celebrates Her Birthday a Little Early!
  129. 10 Super Cute Guys Who Admit They'd Date a Fan
  130. Adorable Baby Animals Take Their First Steps!
  131. 13 Adorable Pics That Will Make You Fall For Niall Horan
  132. Get a Hilarious Sneak Peek at Little Mix's "Salute" Music Video
  133. 'Dancing With the Stars' Spells Alli Simpson's Name Wrong!
  134. Meet Francesca Capaldi's New Stuffed Animal Friends
  135. 9 Times Katy Perry's Hair Reminded Us of Easter Eggs
  136. 21 Disney Rainbow Loom Charms That Will Make Your Jaw Drop
  137. Meet Miley Cyrus' New Dog, Moonie!
  138. How Many Words Can You Make Out of Your Favorite Stars' Names?
  139. Raini Rodriguez Posts the Cutest Selfie EVER
  140. Bridgit Mendler Hangs Out With a Goat!
  141. Joey Bragg Writes Sweet Instagram Message for His GF, Audrey Whitby!
  142. Sarah Hyland Dresses Up Like a Princess!
  143. 14 Pics That Prove Ariana Grande and Liz Gillies' Friendship Is Forever
  144. Lea Michele Stops and Smells the Roses... Literally!
  145. Sydney Park Treats Herself to a DIY Spa Day
  146. 16 Crazy Facts You Didn't Know About Peyton List
  147. Which Celeb Has the Silliest Instagram Pic of the Week?
  148. 'I Didn't Do It' Star Sarah Gilman Shares Secrets from the Set + Behind-the-Scenes Pics!
  149. Jackson Guthy Goes for a Bike Ride... at the Gym!
  150. Becky G Rocks Shades in Her Latest Selfie!
  151. 11 Dresses Your Favorite Disney Princesses Would Wear to Prom in Real Life
  152. Check out Fifth Harmony's Amazing 80s-inspired Outfits!
  153. 10 DIY Projects You Won't Believe You Can Make With Duck Tape
  154. Carlos Pena Posts Hilarious Pic!
  155. Score One Direction Trading Cards in Our New May Issue!
  156. 12 Pics That Prove Austin Mahone Is the Sleepiest Adult Ever
  157. Watch a Totally Sweet Performance by Forever in Your Mind
  158. Kristen Bell Sings "Do You Wanna Build a Snowman" in All of Anna's Voices!
  159. Find Out What Your Favorite Ice Cream Topping Reveals About You
  160. Who's that Star Goofing off on the Red Carpet?
  161. Kendall Schmidt Rocks Sunglasses in New Selfie!
  162. Can You Finish the Lyrics to These Throwback TV Shows?
  163. Drew Chadwick Posts Silly Selfie With His Guitar
  164. 22 Stars Showing Off Their Obsession with Disney
  165. Did the Cast of 'Good Luck Charlie' Reunite?
  166. Zayn Malik Totally Photobombs Niall Horan in New 1D Selfie
  167. The Hidden Meanings of Your Fave Stars' Names
  168. Lea Michele Posts Super Pretty Selfie
  169. 10 Totally Appropriate Reactions to Hearing 'Sam & Cat' Could Be Over
  170. Did Kira Kosarin Pull a Hilarious April Fool's Joke?
  171. Watch Demi Lovato and Fifth Harmony End 'The Neon Lights Tour' With a Total Bang!
  172. 12 Adorable Photos of Miley Cyrus and Her Doggie Floyd
  173. Ariana Grande Was Almost Pranked by Emblem3 at the KCAs!
  174. Sweety High Hangs with Kendall Schmidt, R5, Olivia Holt & More at the KCAs!
  175. Did Joey King Pull the Best April Fool's Day Prank Ever?
  176. 13 Epic Celeb Selfies You Totally Wish You Could've Photobombed
  177. 10 Foods You Need to Trick Your Friends With
  178. Is Sarah Hyland Tall Enough to Ride on the Disney World Rides?
  179. The Cast of 'Pretty Little Liars' Has Nap Time!
  180. Which Stars Were Born in April?
  181. You'll Never Guess Who's Supporting Cody Simpson on 'DWTS'!